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Peach Flavour Hair Dye

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Hair Cream Set with Peach Flavour Hair Dye
Peach Flavour Hair Dye
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Smell Hair Cream Set with Peach Flavour Dye, which provides a lovely and long-lasting aroma that lasts for an amazing 72 hours. Transform your hair coloring process into a sensual experience by losing yourself in the essence of natural peach.

Benefits of Peach Flavour Hair Dye:

Lasting Fragrance: Savor the alluring scent of fresh peaches that follow you all day long, promising a pleasurable experience.

Natural Ingredients: This hair dye, which is infused with the goodness of real peaches, is proof of HerbalsDubai's dedication to offering genuine, natural products.

Vibrant and Long-Lasting Color: Peach Hair Dye is more than just a sensory extravaganza; it also ensures a vivid and durable color that leaves your hair glowing with juicy peaches.

HerbalsDubai Exclusive: This original peach hair dye, which is exclusively available at HerbalsDubai, is a perfect example of our commitment to providing distinctive and superior natural products.

How to Use Peach Flavour Hair Dye:

Preparation: Begin with clean, dry hair for optimal results.

How to apply: Evenly apply the dye, working your way toward the tips from the roots. For a stunning finish, leave it on for the suggested amount of time.

Rinse and Enjoy: After a thorough rinse, your hair will have a fragrance aura that lasts for 72 hours in addition to a new color.

Unlock the Essence of Natural Peach:

Peach Hair Dye is a sensory experience as much as a color change. Enjoy a fascinating aroma that lasts for hours while you fully benefit from the natural components. Explore the unique fusion of style and nature that is only found at HerbalsDubai.

Cash on Delivery (COD) for all GCC Countries. UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia,  Bahrain, and Kuwait.

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