Is It Safe To Use Herbal Weight Loss Supplements?

Is It Safe To Use Herbal Weight Loss Supplements?

If you're attempting to weight loss, it may be tempting to try every medication and treatment available online that claims to melt, blast, or melt away the excess weight in a matter of weeks.

What's the best way to understand herbal weight loss Supplements?

We'll explain how they function and why it's better to stick to weight loss programmers that are supervised. What are the effects of herbal supplements on weight loss?

According to medical professionals, they are not aware of reliable evidence to show how herbal weight loss supplements perform.

So let’s discuss in detail if Is It Safe To Use Herbal Weight Loss Supplements?

Herbal supplements claim to help cause weight loss via:

  • Nutrient absorption.
  • Regulating appetite.
  • Stimulation of energy expenditure.
  • Fat metabolism.
  • Absorption of carbohydrates.

"Most herbal weight loss supplements provide little or no evidence to support the long-term efficacy of weight loss and security." They also increase the possibility of harmful medication interactions. Supplements, like prescription drugs, are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease. As a result, claims such as "reduces pain" or "treats heart disease'' cannot be substantiated. These promises may only be made properly for pharmaceuticals that have undergone thorough scientific testing, a method that isn't commonly used for diet items," adds Dr. Diwakar.

"Natural" doesn't automatically mean "safe."

One of the mistakes individuals make is believing that a herbal supplement is safe for them because the contents are not formed of synthetic substances. Dr. Diwakar reminds out that just because herbal supplements are natural doesn't mean they're always safe. In actuality, an increase in the use of herbal and dietary supplements (HDS) is directly proportionate to an increase in the number of liver damage induced by HDS.

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Salespeople Aren't Medical Experts

If you buy herbal products from a chain store, be careful that the salesman may be clueless of how the product works. They may also be unaware of any concerns that have been recorded or how herbs may interact with the drugs you are taking.

Some herbal producers also provide misleading information about the health benefits of their products. Because of all of these issues, as well as the lack of evidence-based health benefits, it's advised to avoid herbal weight reduction products or visit your health care provider about alternatives.

Other points to consider should you consider a herbal weight loss supplement are:

  • If you are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant, avoid taking herbal supplements.
  • If you are nursing, avoid consuming herbs.
  • You should not offer herbs to your child or newborn.
  • Make sure to only buy products that have the plant ingredients specified on the label. (It should be noted that there is no guarantee of the health advantages claimed by herbal supplements).
  • If you are using a long-term prescription drug (such as high blood pressure medication, antidepressants, or other medications), avoid taking herbs. If you are unsure, ask your healthcare provider before using any herbal therapy.
  • If you are taking medicines with a very tight margin of safety, such as warfarin (Coumadin(r)) or digoxin, phenytoin (Dilantin(r)) and lithium (Lithobid(r), Eskalith(r)) and theophylline (Theo-Dur(r), Theo-24(r), or other, do not use herbal therapies. If you are unsure, see a medical doctor before using any herbal product.

A List of Common OTC and Herbal Weight-Loss Products and What You Should Be Aware Of

A list of common over-the-counter and herbal weight loss supplements and what you should know Here are some of the most crucial details about the most popular herbal weight loss supplements, as well as information about their effectiveness as weight loss aids.

Ephedrine is a common element in herbal weight loss products. It's also found in asthma treatments. Furthermore, ephedrine can be used to make methamphetamine or speed.

"Ephedrine may reduce your appetite. However, no studies have proven it to be effective for weight loss. Ephedrine is a risky drug. It could cause hypertension, changes in heart rates, problems sleeping and tremors. It can also cause nervousness, heart attacks, seizures, strokes, and even death. Ephedrine is also known to interact with prescription and over-the-counter drugs. In the US, Ephedra-based dietary supplements are no longer offered."

St. John's wort: St. John's wort, sometimes referred to as hypericum, is a plant extensively used to treat problems with the mind, nerves, insect bites, malaria burns, wounds and other illnesses. Recently, St. John's wort has been studied for its ability to treat depression; however, research has shown that it was not as efficient as a placebo.

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There haven't been many research that look into the use of St. John's wort as a weight-loss aid. However, it should not be taken with tyramine-containing foods such as old cheeses, processed or cured meats, wine, fermented or pickled vegetables, and tropical or citrus fruits, to name a few.

It shouldn't be mixed with:

  • Fluoxetine
  • Sertraline
  • Paroxetine
  • Venlafaxine
  • Trazodone
  • Mirtazapine
  • Nefazodone
  • Meperidine
  • Buspirone

And dextromethorphan (included in many prescription cold and flu medicines).

"Overall, using St. John's wort for weight loss is not a good idea because it has the potential to be extremely dangerous."

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTTP). 5 hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is found in several over-the-counter weight loss products. An component in the extract of the West African plant seed has been linked to an extremely rare and potentially dangerous blood disease. It has not been demonstrated to be an effective weight loss product. 5HTP items must be avoided as long as they are not proven.

Chitin is a carbohydrate found in the bones of crab, prawns and other shellfish. Chitosan is a fat-binding chemical that attaches to fatty foods and carries them through the digestive tract. The fat is then removed from the body through bowel motions.

Certain research suggest that combining the chitosan supplement with a low-calorie diet could result in a slight weight loss.

Pyruvate is formed when proteins and carbohydrates are digested in the body. According to certain research, it may produce a slight weight loss. It can be found as pyruvic acid. Many foods contain pyruvate, including cheese, red fruits, and red wines. Pyruvate is thought to be safe. However, its claims concerning improving metabolism, lowering hunger, and aiding in weight loss require further investigation.

Aloe, often known as aloe vera, is a plant species related to cacti. Herbal weight loss products contain aloe in oral form. Aloe juice stimulates bowel motions, and several aloe weight reduction treatments are marketed as "internal cleansers." Aloe supplements have not been shown to promote long-term weight loss. Oral aloe use may cause abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, electrolyte abnormalities, and potassium deficiency. As a result, ingesting aloe orally is not advised, especially at high amounts.

Cascara is only marketed as a dietary supplement. It is a frequent element in weight reduction pills, and it is mostly used to relieve constipation. In the wrong hands, this herb may upset electrolytes (such as sodium and potassium). Electrolytes help to keep the body running smoothly. If you are nursing or pregnant, avoid taking these (they can be passed on through breast milk). Cascara has the potential to interact with other medications such as digoxin and diuretics.

Dandelion is a natural diuretic (a chemical that makes you urinate frequently). This is why it can promote weight loss. Dandelion has been linked to allergic responses. Individuals with ragweed or closely similar plant allergies (daisies, marigolds, chrysanthemums) are more likely to be allergic to dandelions.

Glucomannan is a sugar derived from the root of the plant (Amorphophallus konjac). It comes as capsules, powders, pills, and capsules. Glucomannan may aid in the digestion and absorption of water in the stomach and intestines, resulting in the bulky fibre required to relieve constipation. It may also impede the elimination of cholesterol and sugar from the stomach. 

Glucomannan tablets are not considered safe because they can create gut or throat obstructions. Glucomannan can have an impact on blood sugar regulation. If you have diabetes and consume glucomannan, you should monitor your blood sugar levels.

Guarana is a potent Central Nervous System stimulant derived from extracting plant seeds native to Brazil. Because of its stimulant and diuretic effects, it aids in weight loss. Guarana contains caffeine, which can cause hypertension. Certain extracts have been observed to interact with anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin [Coumadin(r)]) and prolong bleeding in the event of a medical emergency. Guarana is frequently marketed as a medicine with no harmful side effects, although this is not the case. Dizziness, nausea, and anxiety are possible adverse effects.

Yerba mate: Yerba mate, sometimes known as "Paraguay tea," is a powerful central nervous system stimulant (the quantities used typically nearly resemble those of 100-200 milligrams of caffeine). The most common negative effects observed are central nervous system overstimulation (speeding up your body's physical and mental activities) and high blood pressure. 

Yerba mate has not been studied as a weight loss supplements. Some incidences of poisoning that resulted in hospitalizations have been documented as a result of using the supplement. If consumed in high amounts or over an extended period of time, yerba-mate may raise the chance of developing mouth, laryngeal, esophageal, bladder, kidney, and lung cancer. This is especially true for persons who smoke or consume alcoholic beverages.

Chewing gum, also known as Guar, Guar flour, and jaguar gum, is a food fibre produced by the Indian cluster bean. Guar gum is commonly used as a thickening in the preparation of foods and pharmaceuticals. It has been studied for its ability to lower cholesterol levels as well as manage the consequences of diabetes and weight loss. It is a weight loss supplements. It aids in the movement of food through the digestive tract and hardens the stool. It can suppress appetite by creating a sense of fullness.

Many herbal diuretics can be found in over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss and herbal weight-loss treatments. The majority of OTC diuretics are xanthine alkaloids (similar to caffeine or theobromine). Avoid goods containing juniper seeds (which can cause kidney damage), equine (which is neurotoxic and can cause brain injury), and horsetail or shave grass (which contains a variety of hazardous compounds that can cause seizures or hyperactivity).

Herbal diuretics may interact with certain medications such as digoxin, lithium, or standard diuretics like as hydrochlorothiazide and furosemide. They also do not provide sufficient water loss as an efficient help to weight loss.

Speak to Your Physician If You're Having Difficulty Lossing Weight.

While many solutions claim to help you lose weight quickly, they also come with a number of health hazards. Speak to your doctor if you need help getting started on your weight loss journey. They will point you in the correct way and aid you in choosing a safe and effective programme.

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